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20 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder

This kit doesn’t include any necessary Adapters required to operate.
+ Adapter Kits

Generating 20 tons of power, the 20 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder is the cylinder used in our 15000 Pin & Bushing & 10909 Hydraulic Bearing Race Starter Kits.

  • 20-ton cylinder capacity for lifting or pushing
  • Single-acting hydraulic cylinder with a 2.00″ stroke
  • Black oxide finish for corrosion resistance

The hydraulic cylinder on its own can replace the need for the 15000 Pin & Bushing Starter Kit when used together with the 15040, 15041, 15050 and 15060 adapter kits. All other adapter kits require the use of the complete 15000 Pin & Bushing Starter kit.

• Requires 10,000 PSI hydraulic pump 


Can I buy the threaded end plate separately?

Yes, please contact our Customer Service Team for more details.


• 20 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder  
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